How to improve your chess game

There is an error in the belief that playing chess has been a God-gifted art. You cannot improve your game if you don’t reach an acceptable ‘cognizable’ standard. The “cognizable standard” means that you have reached the level where you can recognize both the good and negative points of the game. Visit online chess lessons for beginners before reading this.

However, you do not have the ability to improve your game. It’s a game of exceptional intelligence. It requires the ability to be alert and think critically. You cannot create talent by working hard, but you can certainly bone it if there is some. Never forget the age-old saying that genius is five per cent inspiration and ninety nine percent sweat. Talent is an essential element in human life. It is only when we stop trying to make it grow that we fall behind those who do. This is the purpose of this article.

Sometimes our talents can wither without the right kind of guidance. They don’t know the proper way to fertilize or irrigate their talent. This causes it to wither. As with any other discipline, chess needs your undying devotion. Most boys, particularly those with potential, don’t know what to do with their spare time. These guidelines will help you become a good chessplayer.

1. Chess-books and magazines available

Play some games and then you can start to read the book. You can play more games before you start to read the book. Every time you learn something new, you will be able to absorb information that was previously unclear or not easily understood.

You will improve your skills by not playing against other players, but by playing over well-annotated and analyzed games. Before you see a move, cover it (usually the winner’s).

Write down every move of every game, not just the one that is competitive, if you want to quickly improve your playing. You should write them in chess scoresbooks as loose score sheets can easily be lost. After you have finished, go through each game and write down your comments. This was how the grandmaster learned chess quickly and without any coaching. It’s surprising how much clearer the game is when you view every position again in the light that was present the first time. You can be your own tutor. You will see a greater improvement if you submit your comments after you have written them.

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